Alligator SausageMudd Pie Factory5AA
Apple DumplingsDeanna's Apple Dumpling3E
Apple Pie - Deep FriedMinneapple Pie15S
ArepasNoris Cuisine10W71E
Austin PupsHeise Pronto Pups21S
Bacon - Chocolate Covered ChoMoenning Meats322
Bananas FrozenGo Bananas74E
BBQOak Tree Bar-B-Que1CC
BBQ Pork SandwichesPiggy Blues BBQ41W
BBQ SandwichesAndy's Tasty Meats70E
BBQ SandwichesOrmic Concessions13E8S
BBQ stuffed picklesOak Tree Bar-B-Que1CC
BeansClassic Concessions15W
Beef Stick FajitasOrmic Concessions13E
Beer SticksOwatonna Area ShrineBeer Garden
Beverages, Soft DrinksAmerican Fountain Service21E
Bison BurgerEvan's Eatery3CC
Blooming OnionSchroder Concessions17E
Boudin BallsCrazy Cajun77E
Brat BitesRob's Rib Shots6E
Brat Dog (original)Minnesota's Original Brat D60RS
BratsHeise Pronto Pups21S
Breakfast/Lunch/DinnerAurora Lutheran Church36RN
Brownie Bites with ice creamOriginal Hockey Mom Brow11E
Brownie SundaeMinnesota Wing King7E
Brownies with ToppingsOriginal Hockey Mom Brow11E
Buffalo BurgersElk Burgers8N
Buffalo Chicken NachosMinnesota Wing King7E
Burgers - MoeGeosMoeGeos6CC
BuritosLopez Concessions58RS
BurritosEl Sol9W
BurritosGrace's Mexican11N
CandyArt Tysk and Sons18E
Candy - MapleMorley's Maple Syrup24-25
Caramel ApplesArt Tysk and Sons18E
Caramel ApplesSchroder Concessions8W
Caramel CornArt Tysk and Sons18E
Caramel CornSchroder Concessions8W
Catfish SundaeDeanna's Stand3E
Cereal/Corn Puffs Frozen KoreaERCA Group LLP25S
Cheddar Brat DogMinnesota's Original Brat D60RS
Cheese CurdsOle & Lena's5E
Cheese CurdsSchroder Concessions34RN13N
Cheese CurdsTemple Concessions3W28S
Cheese Curds, Gourmet FlavoreSolem - Cheese Shack18RN2AA
Cheese PupsHeise Pronto Pups21S
Cheese WontonsGolden Chinese3AA
ChickenBecker Corn Dogs13S
Chicken - CajunCrazy Cajun77E
Chicken on PitaG & G Concessions22 S
Chicken QuesadillasEvan's Eatery3CC
Chicken Salad CroissantBMJ D-Lites56-57 RS
Chicken StipsPederson Chips & Funnel C34 W
Chicken TendersRob's Rib Shots6E60RS
ChiliEvan's Eatery3CC
Chinese PancakesGolden Chinese3AA
Chocoloate Pie - Deep FriedMinneapple Pie15S
Cindy NachosGrace's Cindy Nachos15 N
Coffee - KonaMaui Wowi11AA
Collard GreensAndy's Tasty Meats
Cookie Dough FondueCookie Dough Fondue20E
Cookie Dough SundaeMinnesota Wing King7E
Cookies - Chocolate ChipGrandma's Cookies52E
Corn - FriedAndy's Tasty Meats
Corn Dog Bacon ChedderSchroder Concessions19W
Corn DogsSchroder Concessions35RN19W
Corn DogsTemple Concessions28S6N
Corn Nuggets -SweetOak Tree Bar-B-Que1CC
Corn on the CobCorn Roast12N
Cotton CandyArt Tysk and Sons18E
Cotton CandyHeise Pronto Pups21S
Cotton CandySchroder Concessions8W
Cotton CandySweet Clouds Cotton Candy12S
Cotton Candy - MapleMorley's Maple Syrup24-25
Cowboy BitesRob's Rib Shots6E
Crawfish Etoufee FriesCrazy Cajun77E
Crazy PineappleEl Rey Del Taco92E
Cream - MapleMorley's Maple Syrup24-25
Curly FriesMinnesota Wing King7E
Deep Fried AlligatorMudd Pie Factory5AA
Deep Fried Chocolate Chip CookMudd Pie Factory5AA
Deep Fried Green BeansMoeGeos6CC
Deep Fried Ho-HosAuntie L's Deep Fried Oreos1W
Deep Fried Lemondae SundaeDeanna's Stand3E
Deep Fried OlivesMudd Pie Factory5AA
Deep Fried Peanut Butter CupsAuntie L's Deep Fried Oreos1W
Deep Fried PicklesJD Concessions16N
Deep Fried PicklesMoeGeos6CC
Deep Fried PicklesMudd Pie Factory5AA
Deep Fried PicklesWalleye Wagon12AA
Deep Fried Pickles with cream cJD Concessions16N
Deep Fried SnickersAuntie L's Deep Fried Oreos1W
Deep Fried Stawberry LemonadDeanna's Stand3E
Deep Fried StrawberriesAuntie L's Deep Fried Oreos1W
Deep Fried Strawberry ShortcakDeanna's Stand3E
Deep Fried TwinkiesAuntie L's Deep Fried Oreos1W
DeepFried OreosAuntie L's Deep Fried Oreos1W
Desserts, DanielsDaniel's Fish & Chips12E
Dilly DogMudd Pie Factory5AA
Dippin Dots ice CreamOrmic Concessions19E
DonutsTom Thumb Donuts4AA40RN
Donuts - MiniWestrums22W
Dragon BreathERCA Group LLP35W
Egg PupsHeise Pronto Pups21S
Egg RollsAunties Egg Roll24S
Egg RollsEvie's Egg Rolls59RS
Egg RollsGolden Chinese3AA
Elephant EarsG & G Concessions15E
Elephant EarsOof da Tacos31S
Elk BurgersElk Burgers8N
EmpanadasNoris Cuisine10W71E
EnchiladasLopez Concessions58RS
Fish and ChipsDaniel's Fish & Chips12E
Fish TacosDaniel's Fish & Chips12E
FlautasEl Rey Del Taco38E
Food and Drink4-H Club Council Grill4LL
Foot LongsSchroder Concessions19W19N
Foot LongsWestrums88E
FootlongsHeise Pronto Pups21S
French FriesTriple J Frech Fries3-4S1E
Fried ChickenAndy's Tasty Meats
Fried RiceAunties Egg Roll24S
Fried RiceGolden Chinese3AA
Fries - CheesesteakJersey Jo's33S
Fries - Dumpster with toppingsEvan's Eatery3CC
Fries, CajunCrazy Cajun77E
Fries, CurlySchroder Concessions35RN
Fries, RibbonBecker Corn Dogs13S
Fries, Vegan DumpsterEvan's Eatery3CC
Frog LegsCrazy Cajun77E
FruitEl Rey Del Taco92E
Fruit WatersEl Rey Del Taco92E
Funnel CakesBecker Corn Dogs13S
Funnel CakesG & G Concessions15E
Funnel CakesPederson Chips & Funnel C34W
Gator - CajunCrazy Cajun77E
GorditasEl Rey Del Taco38E
GyrosDino's1S54-55 S
GyrosG & G Concessions22 S
HamburgersSchroder Concessions35RN
Hot Beef SundaeR & A Concessions93E
Hot Dog- Nathan'sOak Tree Bar-B-Que1CC
Hot DogsSchroder Concessions35RN19W
Hot DogsO. Youth HockeyLobby
Hotdish on a StickOle & Lena's5E
Ice CreamNitro Ice Cream200 & 235
Ice Cream ConesGrigsby Enterprise30S
Ice Cream CupsGrigsby Enterprise30S
Ice Cream PaniniTempo6S
Ice Cream, Dole Soft ServeBMJ D-Lites56-57 RS
Ice Cream, Lactose FreeBMJ D-Lites56-57 RS
Ice Cream, waffle Bowl SundaesBMJ D-Lites56-57 RS
Italian Hot SausageHot Diagos13W
Jalapeno PeppersPederson Chips & Funnel C34W
Jurassic Corn DogsBecker Corn Dogs13S
Kabobs - Chicken and PorkOrmic Concessions13E
Kettle KornOtte's Old Fashioned Kettle1 RN
Key Lime PieAuntie L's Deep Fried Oreos1W
Kids MealsDeanna's Stand4E
LemonadeBecker Corn Dogs13S
LemonadeNelson's Lemonade5W
Lemonade(Honey)Mudd Pie Factory5AA
Lo MeinGolden Chinese3AA
Mac & Cheese BitesRob's Rib Shots6E
MaltsSteele County ADA18W
Mango SlicesMango Valley9E
Mango SlicesMango Valley9E
Mudd PiesMudd Pie Factory5AA
MushroomsTemple Concessions3W33W
NachosLopez Concessions58RS
NachosOof da Tacos31S
Nut RollsColonial Nut Co.Lobby
Nuts -Barvian RoastedBeyond Nuts2CC
Nuts-Roasted Almonds/CashewGerman Gourmet Nuts146
Okra - FriedAndy's Tasty Meats
Onion RingsOle & Lena's5E
Onion RingsSchroder Concessions13N
Onion RingsSchroder Concessions34RN
Oof da tacoOof da Tacos31S
Passion Fruit JuiceNoris Cuisine10W71E
Peanut Butter-GrilledOak Tree Bar-B-Que1CC
PeanutsArt Tysk and Sons18E
PeanutsOwatonna Area ShrineBeer Garden
Philly CheesesteakJersey Jo's33S
Philly Steak SandwichesMoeGeos6CC
PicklesPretzel Wiz89E
PicklesRob's Rib Shots6E
pieAurora Lutheran Church36RN
Piggy NachosPiggy Blues BBQ41W
Piggy PiePiggy Blues BBQ41W
Piratas - SteakEl Rey Del Taco38E
Pita'sDeanna's Stand4E2E
Pita's- GreekB & D Greek11S
PizzaGodfathers Pizza1AA
PopcornArt Tysk and Sons18E
PopcornOwatonna Area ShrineBeer Garden
PopcornSchroder Concessions8W
PopcornO. Youth HockeyLobby
Pork Chop SandwichesClassic Concessions15W
Potato SaladClassic Concessions15W
Potato, Loaded BakedCorn Roast12N
PotstickersAunties Egg Roll24S
Poutine (Frys Cheese Curds,Gra Duke's LLC14E
PretzelsPretzel Wiz89E
Prime Rib SandwichesAndy's Tasty Meats70E
Pucker Powder CandyOtte's Old Fashioned Kettle1RN13AA
Pulled Pork (Porker)American Fountain Service21E
Pumpkin Pie - Deep FriedMinneapple Pie15S
QuesadillasEl Rey Del Taco38E
Queso NachosOak Tree Bar-B-Que1CC
Rachael SandwichesElks Club5S
Rachel - Kids (Grilled Cheese)Elks Club5S
Reuben SandwichesElks Club5S
Reuben SoupElks Club5S
Rib BasketPiggy Blues BBQ41W
Rib DinnerPiggy Blues BBQ41W
Rib Eye SandwichesAndy's Tasty Meats70E
Rib WingsRob's Rib Shots6E
Rice BurgerWestrums33S
Roll UpsToreys7N
Root Beer FloatsKid's Biz/Root Beer27S
Root Beer ShakesKid's Biz/Root Beer27S
RootbeerKid's Biz/Root Beer27S
Rueben BurgersElks Club5S
SalchipapasMudd Pie Factory5AA
Shaved IceKona Blue17 RN
Shaved IceMinnesnowii Shaved Ice32S17N
Shaved IceWaseca Sno Biz17N
Shish Kobobs-GreekB & D Greek11S
Shredded PorkMoeGeos6CC
Shrimp and OnionsMudd Pie Factory5AA
Sirloin Tip MealBryans Concession
SlushWaseca Sno Biz95E
Smoked Jalapeno Pepper Jack BMinnesota's Original Brat D60RS
Smoked Wild Rice Brat DogMinnesota's Original Brat D60RS
Smoothies, FruitMaui Wowi11AA
Smoothies, StrawberryBecker Strawberry Smoothi13S6W
Sno ConesSchroder Concessions8W
Snow ConesArt Tysk and Sons18E
Snow ConesHeise Pronto Pups21S
SodaRainbows unlimited Wild W36W
Souvenir FloatsGrigsby Enterprise30S
Souvenir Soft DrinksGrigsby Enterprise30S
Steak and Cheese SandwichesAndy's Tasty Meats70E
Sticks - PepperjackMoenning Meats322
Sticks - Bloody Mary BeefMoenning Meats322
Sticks - Honey HamMoenning Meats322
Sticks - Maple BeefMoenning Meats322
Sticky Rice on a stickEvie's Egg Rolls59RS
Strawberries and CreamJ L United9N
Sweet Corn/Bagged Sweet CornSweet Corn Café61RS
Sweet Potato FriesMinnesota Wing King7E
Sweet Sour ChickenGolden Chinese3AA
Syrup - MapleMorley's Maple Syrup24-25
Taco In a BagOof da Tacos31S
Taco SaladGrace's Mexican11N
Taco SaladLopez Concessions58RS
Taco SaladOof da Tacos31S
Taco SaladsEl Sol9W
TacosEl Sol9W
TacosGrace's Mexican11N
TacosLopez Concessions58RS
TaffyOz Concession Taffy7W
TamalesLopez Concessions58RS
Tator Tots - Lation FusionNoris Cuisine10W71E
Tea - Strawberry FlavoredJL United9N
Tea PeaceMaui Wowi11AA
TenderloinsBecker Corn Dogs13S
TostadasLopez Concessions58RS
TostadosGrace's Mexican11N
Turkey Breast SandwichesAndy's Tasty Meats70E
Turkey LegsOrmic Concessions8S
Venezuelan FoodNoris Cuisine10W71E
Waffle Cone SundaesTempo6S
WalleyeWalleye Wagon12AA
Walleye TacosWalleye Wagon12AA
Wild Rice BurgerWestrums33S
Wild WingsAuntie L's Deep Fried Oreos1W
WingsMinnesota Wing King7E
WonderstickGrigsby Enterprise30S
Wondertons - All FlavorsJD Concessions19S