Equine Hall of Fame

2008 Inductees: Colonel Clarke Chambers, Lyle Anderson Jr., Robert "Bob" Ringhofer, 20's Little Hawkeye
2009 Inductees: Maynard and Bev Leuth, Robert and Patricia Fischer, and Ferzon
2010 Inductees: Robert "Bob" Jurgenson, Rolland "Ron" Weller, Leroy and Donna Thoreson, Nacho and Nellie
2011 Inductees: Suzanne (Quimby) Klukas, and Carl and Ethel Quimby
2012 Inductee: Raskal - Owned by Robert and Pat Fischer
2013 Inductee: William Frost St. Clair
2014 Inductee: Pat McCarthy
2015 Inductee: Laverne Utpadel
2016 Inductee: Steele County Sheriff's Posse and Auxiliary
2017 Inductee: Jody Teeters Eckhardt and Daniel Gainey
2018 Anita Anderson Grant
2019 Henry Ripka and Unforgettable
2021 Monte and Nancy Mowry

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Livestock Hall of Fame

Forms can be found on the website under the Forms tab.

Two or more people are inducted each year based on the following criteria:

- Impact upon the livestock industry; county, state, & national.
- Leadership in the livestock industry; county, state, & national.
- Length of service.
- Respected, ethical and of high character.

2004 Inductees: Harry Andrews, Charles Calverly, Alfred Camp, George Deml, Hubert Fisher, J. Russell Gute, Herbert Hartle, John Hartle, Arthur B. Johnson, Adelbert Radke, Thomas Raine, Jerome Rypke, A.B. Seykora, Ernest Sloan, and John Zwiebel
2005 Inductees: Mary Larson and Eugene P ichner
2006 Inductees: Victor Calverly, Emil Steinbert, Truman Tillerhaas
2007 Inductees: James Grass, Clarence Mulert, Larry Tande
2008 Inductees: General Alexander Chambers, Russell Seath, Duane Urch
2009 Inductees: Marvin Meixner, Joe Stransky
2010 Inductees: Glen Edin, Gene Francis, Donald Henry
2011 Inductees: Darwin Kasper, Leonard G.W. Gabbertt and Evelyn Stransky
2012 Inductees: Steve Eaker and Dorothy Rypka
2013 Inductees: Donald Resler and Vic Richardson
2014 Inductees: Dan Deml and Kay Anderson
2015 Inductees" Barb Kasper, Howard Schoenfeld, and Donald Sloan
2016 Inductee: Mark Ihlenfeld
2017 Inductees: Eugene Kruckeberg and Gail Demmer
2018 Inductees: Lester Oeltjenbruns and Richard "Rusty" Paulson
2019 Inductees: Robert "Bob" Chladek and Ron VanNurden
2021 Inductees: Richard Steinberg, Glen Johnson, and Deb McDermott Johnson

Livestock Hall of Fame Service Award

2016 Inductee: Ron Eustice
2018 Thomas Burke

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