Wood B Creations

Wood B Creations

Alexander Lumber will be bringing a new exhibit to the Steele County Free Fair, Wood B Creations. Burt Fleming, Wood Carver will be giving 3 or 4 shows per day, carving a new piece at each show. With a natural talent that draws in a crowd, Burt takes his chainsaw and produces excitement and entertainment. Detailed, impressive art sculptures take form with speed and ease while visitors watch.

In addition to entertaining at fairs and festivals, Burt accepts commissions. With his expertise, Burt can make your dull piece of wood turn into a beautiful, enjoyable wood sculpture

All-Star Stunt Dogs Show brought to you by the Perondi's Stunt Dog Productions

Come watch America's favorite stunt dogs as they soar, spin, jump and fly for your entertainment. From back flips, handstands, big air stunts, to amazing tricks; these "All-Star Stunt Dogs" are thrilling the nation.

What makes these stunt dogs so special? Besides their talent for the flipping, jumping, and racing, all of these amazing pooches have been adopted out of pounds and shelters from across the country and turned into stars. Their mission is to promote the importance of pet adoption, spay & neutering, and encourage people to be responsible pet owners.

From large breed to small, you'll be mesmerized as these dogs compete in challenges, like triathlon racing and high-jumping. They will even leap into the air to catch flying discs and perform amazing tricks; like jumping rope, walking backwards, and doing paw-stands. It's "Dog-Gone Fun" for all ages!

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